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npx breaking on CI?

npm@7 brings fundamental changes to npx, which may break your CI process.


npm_config_yes=true npx <package_name>Need to install the following packages:
Ok to proceed? (y)

npm@7 now uses npm exec as an underline to npx. As a result, your terminal should wait for you to proceed with installation of uninstalled packages. (I’m “standard” as an example, but this applies for all).

npx standard
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This is a blocker for CI processes that may start to fail when migrating to npm@7.

The solution should be to use the underlined npm exec —- yes option.

npx --yes standard

Is equivalent to

npm exec standard --yes

The issue with this solution is that npm@6 does not support this flag and will throw an error.

The solution that is compatible for both versions is to set an npm flag “npm_config_yes” which will get picked up by npm@7 and will be ignored by npm@6

npm_config_yes=true npx standard

Hope this helps

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